Tenugui Bougainvillea

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Japanese Tenugui hand towel.
Approximate size is 98cm x 33cm.
Gauze-type 100% cotton
Thin and light material
Smooth, soft texture; can be used for drying, wiping, covering, or simply to display.
Each towel is hand dyed, using the traditional Tenassen dyeing technique.
Limited stock, no more of these designs will be made!
The hand towels known as Tenugui (手拭い) have been used in Japanese daily life since at least the Edo period (1603 - 1868). Super-absorbent yet easy to dry, they are multifunctional and are used for drying hands, faces or dishes, covering tables or wrapping lunch boxes, or just as decoration. Use it for anything you can imagine!
This tenugui has been hand crafted using the Tenassen technique. Similar in some ways to silk screen printing, Tenassen has been in use for over 120 years and uses stencils to apply designs to the material.
The fabric is made of Japanese gauze, 100% cotton, and with use it will become softer, getting more comfortable to the touch the more you use it.
As each towel is hand dyed, you may notice some rare unevenness in colour as is normal for unique handmade goods. Rest assured however that each towel is checked to the highest standards. Best hand washed with cold water to prevent colours from running.